2019 Fees

2019 fees will be posted when available.

Fee Payment Options

Pay fees online through MyUNLV using your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. If your credit card is declined, you will NOT be notified and late fees may be assessed. You must check your MyUNLV account in three business days (not including Saturday and Sunday) to ensure your bank accepted the payment. Late fees are NOT calculated into the balance total on your MyUNLV account.

Cashier's Office

You may make cash payments in person at the Cashier's Office. This is the only way to pay cash for your fees, however cash payments are not recommended. It is recommended that you purchase a cashier's check or money order and place it in the drop box. A cashier's check or money order is traceable whereas cash is not.

The Cashier's Office is located on the first floor of the Student Services Complex (SSC-A 131).


Verbal credit card payments over the phone cannot be accepted, but a credit card authorization form is available for download. Fill out the authorization form and fax it to (702) 895-1164.

Drop Boxes

There are two (2) drop boxes on campus for check and money order payments.

  • Cashier's Office, south entrance of the Student Services Building (SSC-A), available 24 hours;

  • Tam Alumni Center (TAC) ticket booth at Maryland Parkway and Harmon, available 24 hours a day.

Important tips for using the drop boxes

  • DO NOT put cash in drop boxes. Check, Cashier's check, or money orders payments only;

  • Put the student's UNLV NSHE Student ID on the front of each check or money order;

  • Make the check or money order payable to Board of Regents;

  • DO NOT put your check or money order in an envelope; drop just the check itself;

  • A $25 service charge will be assessed for any check returned unpaid by your bank for any reason including stop payment;

  • Checks altered in any way are not accepted.


Applicable dates for 100% and 50% refunds are listed under Dates and Deadlines

Refunds are processed weekly and are mailed in the student's name to the address on file in MyUNLV. A student may not pick up their refund check. Be sure to login to MyUNLV and update your information if you change your address.

If you are registered for Fall, and have Fall fees, any credit from your Summer Term balance will immediately be applied to the Fall fees.

Nevada Residency for the Purposes of Tuition

Residency status is determined by the Office of the Registrar located in the Student Services Complex. Degree seeking non-Nevada resident students wishing consideration to change their status must contact the Office of the Registrar to obtain the appropriate application.

Non-Degree Seeking students of undetermined Nevada residency should refer to the Non-Degree Seeking Student Information website (unlv.edu/admissions/residency) for additional information.