Payment Plans

Summer Term Payment Plans

Summer Term is offering 1 payment plan option at this time:

4 Payment (May 11, June 11, July 11, August 11) Fee: $45.00

Each plan will take your entire Summer Term balance and break it down into interest-free monthly payments. The number of payments is dependent on the plan(s) available. A non-refundable fee is assessed and will be added to the first payment.

The 4 Payment plan option will be available through May 12, 2017.

To sign up for the payment plan:
Click the button below to acknowledge that you've read and understand the information on this page.-->
Fill out the Summer Term Request for Payment Plan form.
Summer Term Staff will evaluate your eligibility for the payment plan.
Summer Term will contact you via email with a link with the details of your payment plan.
Review the terms of the payment plan. Accept the terms of the payment plan and submit.
1-2 business days after receipt of your response the payment plan will be updated on your account in MyUNLV.

Do not make a payment until the plan has been set up
on your MyUNLV student account.

Any unpaid balance on a deferred payment plan becomes a student's account receivable on the final due date and is treated as an official fee hold for future registrations and transcript privileges. A penalty fee of 10 percent (minimum $10) will be charged per installment not paid by the due date.