Fee Estimator

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas reserves the right to change fees, tuition, class times, days, buildings, rooms, and instructors where circumstances warrant such changes.

Utilize this calculator to estimate your Summer Term fees. Currently enrolled students may receive an exact, up-to-date account balance by accessing their on-line registration account through MyUNLV (my.unlv.nevada.edu)

Individual courses may have special fees associated with them. Check the schedule to determine if a special fee is assessed in addition to tuition fees.

Differential Program Fees
The Board of Regents of the State of Nevada approved a proposal in December 2010 to implement differential tuition to selected programs. Please refer to the Board of Regents Manual, Section 7, on Differential Fees for programs effected by these fees and a breakdown of the additional costs.

    Late Fees and Late Registration

  • Fees are due the business day prior to the start of the Session for which you are registered.

  • A late registration and/or late payment fee will be assessed for registration and/or payment during the late registration/payment period.

Remember: Summer Term does not send bills.