2022 Summer Term Schedule Preview

UNLV Summer Term Preveiw Card

Preview of 2022 Courses...

Below is a list of courses currently scheduled to be offered during Summer Term 2022. All offerings are subject to change. Courses are ordered by Department.

Sessions: SRG = 5/17-8/12, S1 = 5/16-6/3, S2 = 6/6-7/8, S3 = 7/11-8/12, SDY* = Non-Standard Dates
* SDY classes can be between 1 - 12 weeks long. Start and end dates for these classes will be listed in the schedule available mid February 2022.
Accounting (BE)ACC 201Financial AccountingS3, SDY
ACC 202Managerial AccountingS2
ACC 400The Accounting EnvironmentS2
ACC 401Financial Reporting IS3
ACC 405Cost Management and ControlS3
ACC 406Auditing in the Gaming IndustryS3
ACC 410Federal TaxationS2
ACC 473Law for Accountants IS2
ACC 481Accounting InternshipS3
ACC 490Independent StudyS2, S3
ACC 600Accounting EnvironmentS2
ACC 601Financial Reporting IS3
ACC 605Cost Management and ControlS3
ACC 606Auditing in the Gaming IndustryS3
ACC 610Federal TaxationS2
ACC 673Law for Accountants IS2
ACC 715Advanced Management AccountingS3
ACC 781InternshipS3
ACC 789Seminar in AccountingSDY
ACC 790Independent Study in AccountingS2, S3
ACC 791Professional PaperS2, S3
BLW 302Legal and Ethical Environment of BusinessS2
Anthropology (LA)ANTH 101Introduction to Cultural AnthropologyS2, S3
ANTH 102Introduction to Biological AnthropologyS2, S3
ANTH 103The Evolution of EverythingS2
ANTH 105Introduction to World ArchaeologyS3
ANTH 110LIntroductory Biological Anthropology LabS2, S3
ANTH 216Cultures Through FilmS3
ANTH 360Dogs, Cats and Other Beasts: Anthropology of AnimalsS2
ANTH 400CNative Americans of the SouthwestS3
ANTH 411Buddhism and CultureS3
ANTH 420Magic, Witchcraft, and ReligionS2, S3
ANTH 422Psychological AnthropologyS3
ANTH 428Signifying Identities: Ethnicity, Nationality, Gender, and ClassS2
ANTH 436History of AnthropologyS2
ANTH 466Human Nutrition: Past, Present, and FutureS3
ANTH 491Internship in AnthropologySRG, S2, S3
ANTH 499Independent ResearchSRG, S2
ANTH 688Archaeology Field PracticumS2
ANTH 701Directed Reading in Anthropological LiteratureSRG, S2, S3
ANTH 796Anthropology InternshipS3, SDY
ANTH 797ThesisSRG, S2, S3
ANTH 798DissertationSRG, S2, S3, SDY
ANTH 799Independent ResearchSRG, S2, S3
Architecture (FP)AAD 180Design Foundation ISDY
AAD 400Clinical InternshipSRG
AAD 600Clinical InternshipSRG
AAE 455The Enlightenment to Mid-20th Century: Architectural History and TheorySDY
AAE 493Independent StudyS3
AAE 495Special Topics in Architectural DesignSDY
AAE 555The Enlightenment to Mid-20th Century: Architectural History and TheorySDY
AAE 695Special Topics in Architectural DesignSDY
AAE 711LPreparatory Design ISDY
AAE 767Design Communications MediaSDY
AAE 793Advanced Independent StudyS2, S3
LAND 180Design Foundation ISDY
LAND 330Design with ClimateS2
Art (FP)ART 101Drawing IS2
ART 107Design Fundamentals IS2
ART 160Art AppreciationS2
ART 260Survey of Art History IS2
ART 261Survey of Art History IIS2
ART 266Survey of Art History IIIS2
ART 303XSite and SoundS2
ART 427Water-Based MediaS2
ART 436Alternative Photographic ProcessesS2
ART 480*Art of ChinaS3
ART 490Studio InternshipS2, S3
ART 492Individual StudiesS2, S3
ART 493Individual Study in Art HistoryS2, S3
ART 498Seminar in the Visual ArtsS2, S3
ART 720Graduate ProjectsS2
GRC 366User Experience Design IS3
GRC 380Design & Media Studio IIS2
Chemistry & Biochemistry (SM)CHEM 103Preparatory ChemistryS2
CHEM 108Introduction to ChemistryS3
CHEM 121AGeneral Chemistry IS2, S3
CHEM 121LGeneral Chemistry Laboratory IS2, S3
CHEM 190Freshman Independent Study in ChemistryS2, S3
CHEM 241Organic Chemistry IS2
CHEM 241LOrganic Chemistry for Life Sciences Lab IS2
CHEM 242Organic Chemistry IIS3
CHEM 242LOrganic Chemistry for Life Sciences Laboratory IIS3
CHEM 474Biochemistry IS2
CHEM 490Senior Independent Study in ChemistryS2, S3
CHEM 493Senior Research in Chemistry IS2
CHEM 494Senior Research in Chemistry IIS3
CHEM 790Directed ReadingsS2
CHEM 792Research SeminarS3
CHEM 795Independent StudyS2, S3
CHEM 796Dissertation ProspectusS2
CHEM 797Directed ResearchS2
CHEM 798ThesisS2
CHEM 799DissertationS2
Civil & Environmental Enginr (EG)CEE 121Elementary SurveyingS1
CEE 225Cooperative Training ISRG
CEE 241StaticsSDY
CEE 307Engineering EconomicsS1, S3
CEE 325Cooperative Training IISRG
CEE 370Engineering Mechanics of Deformable BodiesSDY
CEE 425Cooperative Training IIISRG
CEE 468GIS Applications in Civil EngineeringSDY
CEE 480Concrete Structure DesignSDY
CEE 482Design of Timber StructuresS3
CEE 491Independent StudyS3, SDY
CEE 495Special TopicsSDY
CEE 668GIS Applications in Civil EngineeringSDY
CEE 680Concrete Structure DesignSDY
CEE 682Design of Timber StructuresS3
CEE 695Special TopicsSDY
CEE 791Independent Study in Civil EngineeringSRG
CEE 792Graduate Internship for Master in Civil Engineering and TransportationSRG
CEE 793Graduate Internship for PhD Civil & Environmental EngineeringSRG
CEE 796Design Project in Civil EngineeringSRG
CEE 797Thesis in Civil EngineeringSRG
CEE 799Dissertation ResearchSRG
College of Education (ED)COE 103First Year Seminar: Civic EngagementS2, S3
COE 202Second-Year SeminarS2, S3
College of Engineering (EG)CEM 792Graduate Internship for Master in Construction ManagementSRG
EGG 100People and TechnologyS1, S2
EGG 370Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) TestingSDY
EGG 470Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) ApplicationsSDY
College of Fine Arts (FP)CFA 100First Year SymposiaS3
College of Hospitality (HA)FAB 200Sustainable Food TourismS1
FAB 230Gastronomy EssentialsS3
FAB 333Culture and CuisineS2, S3
FAB 468XFood and Beverage Culminating SeminarS2, S3
FAB 474Independent Study in Food Service ManagementS2, S3
GAM 225Introduction to Gaming ManagementS2
HMD 101Foundations of HospitalityS3
HMD 120Introduction to the Hospitality Customer ExperienceS2, S3
HMD 130Fundamentals of Food & Beverage OperationsS2, S3
HMD 200Hospitality College MilestoneS2, S3
HMD 203Front-Office OperationsS1
HMD 205Hospitality Human Resources ManagementS2, S3
HMD 220Facilitating The Hospitality Customer ExperienceS2
HMD 221Hospitality Financial AccountingS3
HMD 225Foundations of Hospitality LeadershipS2, S3
HMD 226#N/AS2
HMD 305Managing Hospitality Organizational BehaviorsS2, S3
HMD 310Hospitality Operations and Employment LawS2, SDY
HMD 330Hospitality Purchasing and Cost ControlS2, S3
HMD 340Hospitality Financial AnalysisSDY
HMD 350Hospitality MarketingS2, S3
HMD 395Facilities ManagementS2
HMD 405Hospitality Strategic ManagementS2, S3
HMD 440Hospitality Revenue Management and Profit OptimizationS3
HMD 474Independent Study in Hotel ManagementS2, S3
HOA 711Laws of Innkeeping and Food ServiceS2
HOA 751Hospitality Service ManagementS2
HOA 781Independent Study and ResearchS3, SDY
HOA 783InternshipS3, SDY
HOA 788RProfessional PaperSDY
HOA 789RMaster's ThesisSDY
HOA 794Issues and Trends for Hospitality EducatorsS2
HOA 798RReadings in Hospitality ManagementS2
HOA 799RDissertationS2, S3
MHA 605Financial Analysis for the Service IndustriesSDY
MHA 620Principles and Practices in Food ServiceSDY
MHA 629Statistical Analysis In GamingSDY
MHA 645Human Dynamics & Organization LeadershipSDY
MHA 651Hospitality Service ManagementSDY
PGM 111Teaching & Coaching Level 1S3
PGM 162PGM Internship ISDY
PGM 262PGM Internship IISDY
PGM 362PGM Internship IIISDY
PGM 462PGM Internship IVSDY
TCA 141Travel and Tourism IS1, S3
TCA 210Introduction to Global Event ManagementS2
TCA 301The Event Proposal ProcessS2, S3
TCA 331Asian Travel and Tourism DevelopmentS2
TCA 449International TourismS1, S2
College of Liberal Arts (LA)COLA 100EFirst-Year Seminar: Academic Success CenterS2
COLA 402Applied Liberal Arts InternshipS2, S3
College of Urban Affairs (UA)GSC 300Second-Year Seminar: Civic Engagement in Urban CommunitiesS1, S2, S3
ULD 735Design Thinking for Urban IssuesS2
ULD 750Leadership in Urban ContextsS3
ULD 752Developing and Nurturing TeamsS3
ULD 780Community Engagement Legacy ProjectSRG
Communication Studies (UA)COM 101Oral CommunicationS1, S2, S3
COM 102Introduction to Interpersonal CommunicationS2, S3
COM 104Critical Thinking in Public ArgumentS2, S3
COM 211Survey of Rhetorical StudiesS1
COM 216Survey of Communication StudiesS1, S3
COM 312Nonverbal CommunicationS3
COM 314Health CommunicationS2
COM 318Audience-Centered CommunicationS1
COM 321Political Campaign DebatesS2
COM 328Interviewing and Self PresentationS2
COM 330Selected Topics in Communication StudiesS3
COM 332Online RelationshipsS1
COM 400*Human Communication TheoryS1, S2, S3
COM 404Principles of PersuasionS3
COM 408*Rhetorical CriticismS3
COM 409The Rhetorical TraditionS3
COM 495Independent StudySDY
COM 499InternshipSRG
COM 604Principles of PersuasionS3
COM 793Independent StudySDY
COM 794Special ReadingsSRG
COM 797ThesisSDY
COM 798Professional ProjectSDY
Computer Science (EG)CS 115Introduction to ComputersS2
CS 135Computer Science IS2, S3
CS 202Computer Science IIS2, S3
CS 218Introduction to Systems ProgrammingS2
CS 219Computer OrganizationS3
CS 302Data StructuresS3
CS 326Programming Languages, Concepts and ImplementationS2
CS 370Operating SystemsS2
CS 443Information AssuranceS2
CS 456Automata and formal LanguagesS2
CS 489Advanced Computer Science TopicsS2
CS 490Independent StudyS2, S3
CS 643Information AssuranceS2
CS 656Automata and formal LanguagesS2
CS 689Advanced Computer Science TopicsS2
CS 690Independent StudyS2, S3
CS 790Master's ProjectS2, S3
CS 791ThesisS2, S3
CS 795Directed ResearchS2, S3
CS 798Dissertation ProposalS2, S3
CS 799Dissertation ResearchS2, S3
Construction Management (EG)CEM 301Construction SafetyS1
CEM 493Independent StudySRG
CEM 693Independent StudySRG
CEM 793Advanced Independent StudySRG
CEM 796Special Project in Construction Engineering and ManagementSRG
CEM 797Research Thesis in Construction Engineering and ManagementSRG
Coun Ed, Schl Psy & Hmn Srvc (ED)CED 117Interpersonal Skills in Human ServicesS1, S2
CED 200Multicultural Issues of CounselingS3
CED 300Introduction to Human Services CounselingS1, S2
CED 315Counseling Skills in Human ServicesS3
CED 320Drugs and BehaviorS2, S3
CED 375Ethical and Professional Issues in Human ServicesS2
CED 701Foundations of Professional, Ethical, and Legal Issues in CounselingS2
CED 704Grief and Loss CounselingS2
CED 722Introduction to Child Counseling & Play TherapyS1
CED 732Advanced Multicultural CounselingS1
CED 735Addictions CounselingS2
CED 736Human Sexuality in CounselingS1
CED 751Internship in Counseling ISRG
CED 772Counseling and SpiritualityS2
EPP 730Consultation Theory & SkillsS3
EPP 735Evidence Based Interventions to Promote Mental HealthS2
EPP 761History & Systems of Psychology, Ethics, and School PsychologyS2
EPP 762School Psychology Intermediate PracticumSRG
EPP 770Systems Change, Leadership, & Advocacy in SchoolsS2
EPP 771School Psychology ResearchS2
EPP 772Seminar in Psychological Science & IntegrationS2, S3
EPP 775Crisis Prevention and Intervention with Children and YouthS1
EPP 776School Psychology Research DevelopmentS2
EPP 777Family-School Partnerships in School PsychologyS2
EPP 784Supervision and Teaching PracticumS2
EPP 793Advanced Doctoral PracticumSRG
EPP 799DissertationSRG
Criminal Justice (UA)CRJ 104Introduction to Administration of JusticeS1, S2, S3
CRJ 130Survey of Criminal LawS2
CRJ 211Police in AmericaS2, S3
CRJ 270Introduction to CriminologyS1, S2
CRJ 301Research Methods in Criminal JusticeS1, S2, S3
CRJ 302Quantitative Applications in Criminal JusticeS2, S3
CRJ 313Community Policing and Problem SolvingS3
CRJ 315Hate CrimesS3
CRJ 325Serial Killers and Sexual PredatorsS2
CRJ 333Criminal Justice in FilmS3
CRJ 400Theories of CrimeS2
CRJ 405History of Criminal JusticeS1
CRJ 409Youth, Crime, and SocietyS3
CRJ 411*Comparative Criminal Justice SystemsS1
CRJ 419Law and SocietyS2
CRJ 428Women and CrimeS2
CRJ 432Criminal Justice ProcessS3
CRJ 441Social Science in LawS1
CRJ 450Seminar in Criminal JusticeS2
CRJ 460*Public Policy Crime & Criminal JusticeS3
CRJ 469Psychology and the Legal SystemS3
CRJ 480Special Topics in Law and Social ControlS2, S3
CRJ 498Criminal Justice Senior AssessmentS3
CRJ 499Independent StudyS2, S3
CRJ 716Graduate Readings in Criminal JusticeS2, S3
CRJ 795DissertationS2
CRJ 799Independent Study in Criminal JusticeS2, S3
Dance (FP)DAN 101Dance AppreciationS2
DAN 103*Sex, Dance and EntertainmentS1, S3
DAN 108Pilates IS1, S2
DAN 110Dance for Flexibility and ToneS1, S3
DAN 166Survey of African American DanceS1
DAN 351Dance KinesiologyS2
DAN 451Prevention and Care of Dance InjuriesS3
DAN 490Independent StudyS3
Economics (BE)ECO 502Intermediate MicroeconomicsS2
ECO 640Introduction to Mathematical EconomicsS3
ECO 641Introduction to EconometricsS3
ECON 102Principles of MicroeconomicsS2, S3
ECON 103Principles of MacroeconomicsS2, S3
ECON 180The Economics of DiscriminationS3
ECON 190Global EconomicsS1, S2
ECON 200Capitalism, Constitutions and American IdealsS3
ECON 261Principles of Statistics IS2, S3
ECON 262Principles of Statistics IIS2
ECON 302Intermediate MicroeconomicsS2
ECON 365Labor EconomicsS2
ECON 440Introduction to Mathematical EconomicsS3
ECON 441Introduction to EconometricsS3
ECON 489Economics InternshipS2, S3
ECON 490Independent StudyS2, S3
RE 332Real Estate FinanceS1
RE 481Real Estate InternshipS2, S3
Educ Psy, Ldrshp & Higher Ed (ED)EDA 700Special Problems in Educational AdministrationS2
EDA 707Critique of Research in the Administrative ProcessS2
EDH 610Master's Capstone ExperienceS2
EDH 690Internship-MastersS2, S3
EDH 691Master's Independent StudyS2, S3
EDH 703History of American Higher EducationSDY
EDH 712Title IX and Gender EquityS1
EDH 750Special Topics in Higher EducationS3
EDH 790InternshipS2, S3
EDH 791Independent StudyS2, S3
EDH 799DissertationS2, S3
EPL 700Special TopicsS2
EPL 722Educational Research MethodsS2, S3
EPL 731Leadership in a Digital AgeS2
EPL 751Educational Law & Policy: Student IssuesS2
EPL 753Human and Fiscal Resource ManagementS2, S3
EPL 755Law for Exceptional StudentsS3
EPL 758Financial Entrepreneurship & Educational InnovationS3
EPY 303Educational PsychologyS2, S3
EPY 702Research MethodsS2, S3
EPY 709Classroom AssessmentS3
EPY 711Human Growth & DevelopmentS3
EPY 712Foundations of Learning & CognitionS2
EPY 718Qualitative Research MethodologiesSDY
EPY 721Descriptive and Inferential Statistics: An IntroductionS2, S3
EPY 749ThesisS2, S3
EPY 782Independent StudyS2, S3
EPY 783Directed Readings in Educational PsychologyS2
EPY 787Individual ResearchS2, S3
EPY 793Advanced Doctoral PracticumS3
EPY 794InternshipS2
EPY 799DissertationS2, S3
LDE 201Introduction to LeadershipS3
Electrical & Comp Engineering (EG)CPE 100Digital Logic Design IS1, S2, S3
CPE 100LDigital Logic Design I LaboratoryS2, S3
CPE 200Digital Logic Design IIS3
CPE 200LDigital Logic Design II LaboratoryS3
CPE 300Digital System Architecture and DesignS1, S2, S3
CPE 301Embedded Systems DesignS2
CPE 302Synthesis and Verification Using Programmable DevicesS3
CPE 404Modern Processor ArchitectureS2
CPE 407Biometrics and Machine LearningS2
ECG 607BiometricsS2
ECG 616Space Sensors and InstrumentsS3
ECG 791Independent Study in Electrical EngineeringS2, S3
ECG 797Electrical Engineering ThesisS2, S3
ECG 799DissertationS2, S3
EE 220Circuits IS2
EE 221Circuits IIS3
EE 221LCircuits II LaboratoryS3
EE 292Fundamentals of EngineeringS2
EE 320Electronics IS3
EE 320LElectronics I LaboratoryS2
EE 340LPower System Fundamentals LaboratoryS2
EE 360Signals and Systems IS2
EE 361Signals and Systems IIS3
EE 370Control Systems IS2
EE 370LControl Systems I LaboratoryS3
EE 416Space Sensors and InstrumentsS3
EE 450Solid State DevicesS3
EE 493Independent StudyS2, S3
EE 495Special TopicsS1
English (LA)ENG 101Composition IS2, S3
ENG 102Composition IIS2, S3
ENG 211Introduction to LinguisticsS2
ENG 231World Literature IS2, S3
ENG 232World Literature IIS2, S3
ENG 290Introduction to African-American LiteratureS2
ENG 292Introduction to Chicano LiteratureS2
ENG 303Introduction to Literary Theory and CriticismS2
ENG 407AFundamentals of Business WritingS2, S3
ENG 407BFundamentals of Technical WritingS2, S3
ENG 411BPrinciples of Modern GrammarS2
ENG 425AThemes of LiteratureS2
ENG 434BShakespeare: Comedies and HistoriesS2
ENG 445BVictorian PoetryS3
ENG 449BBritish Literature IIS2, S3
ENG 451AAmerican Literature IS2
ENG 451BAmerican Literature IIS2, S3
ENG 460The American Short StoryS3
ENG 473BThe Modern American NovelS2
ENG 486BPostcolonial LiteratureS2
ENG 499Independent StudyS2, S3
ENG 611BPrinciples of Modern GrammarS2
ENG 625AThemes of LiteratureS2
ENG 634BShakespeare:Comedies and HistoriesS2
ENG 645BVictorian PoetryS3
ENG 660The American Short StoryS3
ENG 673BThe Modern American NovelS2
ENG 686BPostcolonial LiteratureS2
ENG 739M.F.A. TranslationS2, S3
ENG 790M.F.A. ThesisS2, S3
ENG 792Directed Studies in LanguageS2
ENG 794Independent Study - International FocusS2, S3
ENG 796Independent StudyS2, S3
ENG 797ThesisS2, S3
ENG 798Doctoral Research 1-3 CreditsS2, S3
ENG 799Dissertation 3-9 CreditsS2, S3
Entertainment Engineering (FP)EED 493Internship in EedS3
Environ & Occupational Health (PH)EOH 710Fundamentals of Public HealthS2
EOH 793Internship in Public HealthSRG
EOH 794Professional Paper in Environmental HealthS2
EOH 796Independent Study in Environmental HealthS2
EOH 797Dissertation ProspectusSRG, S2
EOH 798Thesis ResearchSRG
EOH 799DissertationSRG
Erly Chldhd, Mltlngl & Sp Ed (ED)ECE 709Investigations in Early Childhood EducationS1
ECE 722Theoretical Bases for Early Childhood EducationSDY
EDSP 411Students with Disabilities in General Education SettingsS2
EDSP 432Parent Involvement and Family Engagement for Students with/without DisabilitiesS2
ESP 701Introduction to Special Education and Legal IssuesS1, S2, S3
ESP 712Applied Behavior AnalysisS2
ESP 715Communication Programming for Persons with Severe DisabilitiesS1
ESP 722Multicultural Perspectives in Special EducationS2
ESP 728Theory of Play DevelopmentS2
ESP 730Parent Involvement in Special and General EducationS2, S3
ESP 755AMedically Related Aspects of DisabilitiesS2
ESP 762Ethical Evaluation of Programs for Persons with Exceptionalities/Special NeedsS3
ESP 766Comprehensive ExaminationS3
ESP 771Perspectives On Early Childhood Special EducationS1
ESP 772Family Education in Early ChildhoodS2
ESP 773Assessment for Young Children with DisabilitiesS3
ESP 775Strategies for Early Childhood Special EducationSDY
TESL 751Theory and Practice for Academic English Language DevelopmentS2
TESL 752Methods and Curriculum for Teaching ELsS2, S3
TESL 754Assessment and Evaluation of ELsS3
TESL 758Cultural and Linguistic Diversity (CLD) Program LeadershipS2
TESL 760Foundations in Education in Cultural and Linguistic Diversity (CLD)S2
Film (FP)FILM 100Introduction to FilmS1, S2, S3
FILM 110Language of FilmS2
FILM 410Major Figures in the CinemaS2, S3
FILM 416Screenwriting IS2
FILM 417Screenwriting IIS3
FILM 450Advanced Directed Studies in FilmS2, S3
FILM 493Studies in British FilmS1
FILM 497Genre Studies in FilmS1, S2, S3
Finance (BE)FIN 301Principles of Managerial FinanceS1, S2, S3
FIN 303Intermediate Managerial FinanceS3
FIN 307InvestmentsS2
FIN 308International Financial ManagementS2
FIN 312Money and Capital MarketsS3
FIN 435Financial ModelingS3
FIN 481Finance InternshipS2, S3
FIN 490Independent StudyS2, S3
FINQ 765Fixed Income SecuritiesS2
FINQ 773Capstone ProjectSRG
Geoscience (SM)GEOG 103Physical Geog of Earth's EnvironmentS2, S3
GEOG 104Physical Geography LaboratoryS1, S3
GEOL 100Natural DisastersS2
GEOL 101Exploring Planet EarthS2
GEOL 102Earth and Life Through TimeS3
GEOL 304XIntermediate Geology of National ParksS2
GEOL 334Environmental GeologyS2
GEOL 495Independent Study and ResearchS2, S3
GEOL 499XICP-MS Technique in GeoscienceS3
GEOL 699XICP-MS Technique in GeoscienceS3
GEOL 787Thesis ResearchS2, S3
GEOL 789Dissertation ResearchS2, S3
GEOL 793Independent Study and ResearchS2, S3
GEOL 794Directed ReadingsS2, S3
GEOL 797ThesisS2, S3
GEOL 799DissertationS2, S3
Graduate College (GC)CSEC 600Introduction to Cybersecurity TechnologiesS3
NEUS 780Qualifying ActivitySRG
NEUS 781DissertationSRG
NEUS 799Independent StudyS2, S3
Health Phy & Diagnostic Sci (AHS)CMI 490Comprehensive Medical Imaging Clinical EducationSRG, S2, S3
HPS 491Health Physics InternshipSRG
HPS 495Health Physics ResearchSRG
HPS 770Radiation Therapy Physics: External BeamSRG
HPS 771Dosimetric Aspects of Radiation Therapy ISRG
HPS 790Radiation Oncology Physics Clinical InternshipS1, S2, S3
HPS 794Directed ResearchSRG
HPS 795Independent StudyS1, S2, S3
HPS 796Professional PaperS1, S2, S3
HPS 797ThesisS1, S2, S3
RAD 100Introduction to Medical ImagingS1
RAD 117Patient Care in Medical Imaging and Radiation TherapySDY
Health Promotion (PH)HED 629Education for SexualityS2, S3
HED 635Health Studies on Dangerous DrugsS2, S3
HED 750Graduate Project in Health PromotionSRG
HED 755Thesis ResearchSRG
HED 785Independent Study in Health PromotionSRG
Health Sciences (AHS)HSC 103Introduction to Occupational TherapySDY
Healthcare Admin & Policy (PH)HCA 175U.S. Health Care SystemS3
HCA 201Health Care LawS2
HCA 202Epidemiological Concepts for Health Care AdministrationS2
HCA 203Multicultural Diversity and the US Health Care SystemS2
HCA 205Introduction to Health EconomicsS2
HCA 300Management of Health Services OrganizationsS2
HCA 302Health Care FinanceS3
HCA 308Management of Health Information SystemsS3
HCA 330Strategic Planning and Marketing for Health Care OrganizationsS2
HCA 404Human Resources Management for Health Care OrganizationsS3
HCA 431Quality Management in Health Care OrganizationsS2
HCA 452Health Politics and PolicyS2
HCA 480Organization and Management of Long-Term Care ServicesS2
HCA 490Independent Study in Health Care AdministrationS2
HCA 493Health Care Administration PracticumSDY
HCA 631Quality Management in Health Services OrganizationsS2
HCA 652Health Politics and PolicyS2
HCA 680Org & Mgt of Long Term Care ServicesS2
HCA 701U.S. Health Care System: Programs and PoliciesS2
HCA 702Epidemiology in Health Services ManagementS2
HCA 716Healthcare Accounting and FinanceS2
HCA 719Operations and Quality Management of Health ServicesS3
HCA 793Internship in Health Care AdministrationSDY
HCA 794Professional Paper in Health Care AdministrationS2
HCA 798Independent StudyS2
HCA 799Thesis ResearchS2
History (LA)HIST 100Historical Issues and Contemporary ManS2, S3
HIST 101United States: Colonial Period to 1877S2, S3
HIST 102United States: 1877 to PresentS2, S3
HIST 103Global Problems in Historical PerspectiveS2, S3
HIST 105European Civilization to 1648S2
HIST 106European Civilization to PresentS3
HIST 110History of Multiculturalism in AmericaS2
HIST 151Introduction to Japanese CivilizationS3
HIST 209World History IIS2, S3
HIST 362Topics in History of France and the French Empire Since 1815S2
HIST 375Topics in Sports HistoryS2, S3
HIST 388Great Personalities in HistoryS3
HIST 415AUnited States: The Gilded Age, 1877-1900S2
HIST 424Role of Religion in American CultureS3
HIST 438AAmerican Indian History to 1851S3
HIST 464ATopics in Modern European HistoryS2
HIST 615AUnited States: the Gilded Age 1877-1900S2
HIST 624The Role of Religion in American CultureS3
HIST 638AAmerican Indian History to 1851S3
HIST 664ATopics in Modern European HistoryS2
HIST 760Advanced Studies in HistorySRG
HIST 761Doctoral Independent StudySRG
HIST 795Internship in Public HistorySRG, S3
Honors College (HC)HON 110World Thought and ExperienceS3
HON 115Global IssuesS2
HON 395Honors InternshipS2, S3
HON 410Special Topics SeminarsS1, S2, S3
HON 430Special Topics Seminars-InternationalS3
HON 440Special Topics Seminars-MulticulturalS2
HON 493Self-Directed StudyS2, S3
Integrated Health Sciences (AHS)HSC 787Special Problems in Interdisciplinary Health SciencesS2, S3
HSC 788Independent Study in Interdisciplinary Health SciencesS1, S2, S3
HSC 789Dissertation ProspectusS2, S3
HSC 799Doctoral DissertationS2, S3
OCT 701Advanced Clinical Practice in Occupational TherapySRG
OCT 702Leadership and Advocacy in Occupational Therapy PracticeSRG
OCT 707Evidence Based EducationSRG
OCT 708Issues in Higher Education and HealthcareSRG
OCT 720Functional Anatomy with LabSRG
OCT 721Foundations of Occupational TherapySRG
OCT 740Fieldwork IIASRG
OCT 741Professional Development Seminar ISRG
OCT 760Fieldwork IIBSRG
OCT 761Professional Development Seminar IISRG
Interdis, Gender & Ethnic Stdy (LA)AAS 101African American SurveyS2, S3
IDS 201Intro to Interdisciplinary StudiesS3
IDS 494Interdisciplinary InquirySDY
LAS 100Introduction to Latina/o StudiesS3
WMST 101Introduction to Women's StudiesS2, S3
WMST 113Gender, Race and ClassS2, S3
WMST 295Special Topics in Womens StudiesS2
WMST 403Anthropology of Women and MenS2
WMST 409JFeminist Political TheoryS3
WMST 499Independent StudyS2
Journalism & Media Studies (UA)JMS 601The First Amendment and SocietyS1
JMS 613History of JournalismS2
JMS 794Special ReadingsS2, S3
JMS 795Independent StudyS2, S3
JMS 798ThesisSRG
JOUR 107All Things Media: FoundationsS3
JOUR 112Introduction to Digital and Social MediaS3
JOUR 202Electronic Media Production IS2
JOUR 209Mobile StorytellingS2
JOUR 210Introduction to Public RelationsS1
JOUR 211Media Storytelling and DesignS3
JOUR 261Introduction to Integrated Marketing CommunicationsS2
JOUR 310Advanced ReportingS3
JOUR 316Adventure MediaS2
JOUR 333Introduction to Interactive Media DesignS2
JOUR 375Strategic Social Media ManagementS2
JOUR 380Women and MediaS2
JOUR 401The First Amendment and SocietyS1
JOUR 408Media CriticismS2
JOUR 413History of JournalismS3
JOUR 420Visual LiteracyS1
JOUR 435Mass Communication Research MethodsS2
JOUR 447Online Games,Virt Worlds,& Soc NetworksS1
JOUR 475Global MediaS3
JOUR 486Storytelling WorkshopS1
JOUR 493Independent StudiesS3
JOUR 499Professional InternshipSRG, S3
Kinesiology & Nutrition Sci (AHS)HSC 100Introduction to Academia and Scholarship in Health SciencesS3
KIN 150Emergency Management of Injuries and IllnessS1
KIN 170Introduction to KinesiologyS2, S3
KIN 175Physical Activity and HealthS2
KIN 200Statistics for the Health SciencesS2, S3
KIN 201Exercise and Sport InjuryS3
KIN 223Human Anatomy and Physiology IS2
KIN 224Human Anatomy and Physiology IIS3
KIN 245Anatomical KinesiologyS2, S3
KIN 312Motor Control and LearningS1, S3
KIN 316Motor Development Across the LifespanS2, S3
KIN 346BiomechanicsS2, S3
KIN 350Social Psychology of Physical ActivityS2, S3
KIN 391Exercise PhysiologyS1, S2
KIN 408Scientific Basis of Strength DevelopmentS2, S3
KIN 410Advanced Strength MethodsS2
KIN 411First Responder and Military Physical PerformanceS1
KIN 414Enhancing Mental and Motor AbilitiesS2
KIN 424Professional Development in Kinesiological SciencesS1, S3
KIN 456Biomechanics of Endurance PerformanceS3
KIN 457Physiology of Endurance PerformanceS3
KIN 475Seminar in Sport and Fitness ManagementSDY
KIN 490Internship in Fitness and Sport ManagementSDY
KIN 492Clinical Exercise PhysiologyS2
KIN 496XAdvanced Clinical AnatomyS3
KIN 611First Responder and Military Physical PerformanceS1
KIN 656Biomechanics of Endurance PerformanceS3
KIN 657Physiology of Endurance PerformanceS3
KIN 692Clinical Exercise PhysiologyS2
KIN 748Professional PaperS2, S3
KIN 749ThesisS2, S3
KIN 788Independent StudyS2, S3
KIN 790Guided Research in Health SciencesS2
NUTR 121Human NutritionS1, S3
NUTR 301Nutrition, Health and Ethnic IssuesS1, S3
NUTR 340Introduction to Sports NutritionS3
NUTR 475Undergraduate Research in NutritionS3
NUTR 491Independent Study in Clinical NutritionS2, S3
NUTR 607Complementary and Integrative MNTS2
NUTR 720Lifestyle Modification for Chronic DiseaseS3
NUTR 748Professional Paper- Clinical Case Study or Community Intervention ProjectS2, S3
NUTR 749ThesisS2, S3
NUTR 791Independent Study in Nutrition SciencesS2, S3
NUTR 795Practicum in Nutrition SciencesS2, S3
PEX 117GolfS1
PEX 129VolleyballS2
PEX 145Boot CampS1
PEX 154Indoor CyclingS2
PEX 169YogaS1, S2
PEX 183Weight TrainingS1
Life Sciences (SM)BIOL 100General Biology for Non-MajorsS2
BIOL 103Biology LaboratoryS2, S3
BIOL 189Fundamentals of Life ScienceS3
BIOL 190AIntroduction to Cell and Molecular BiologyS2
BIOL 190LIntroduction to Cell and Molecular Biology LaboratoryS2
BIOL 191AIntroduction to Organismal BiologyS3
BIOL 191LIntroduction to Organismal Biology LaboratoryS3
BIOL 251General MicrobiologyS3
BIOL 300Principles of GeneticsS2
BIOL 305Introduction to Conservation BiologyS3
BIOL 348Introduction to Human AnatomyS3
BIOL 351MicrobiologyS2
BIOL 405Molecular BiologyS2
BIOL 409VirologyS3
BIOL 443Molecular BiotechnologyS2
BIOL 453ImmunologyS2
BIOL 492Undergraduate ResearchSRG, S3
BIOL 496Advanced Topics in Modern BiologyS2, S3
BIOL 499Instruction in Biological SciencesS3
BIOL 789Independent Graduate StudySRG
BIOL 797ThesisS2, S3
BIOL 799DissertationS2, S3
Management,Entrenp, & Tech (BE)BUS 481Business InternshipS2, S3
BUS 496Strategic Management and PolicyS2, S3
IS 101Introduction to Information SystemsS2, S3
IS 210Introduction to Programming MethodologyS3
IS 330Strategic Management of Technology and InnovationS2, S3
IS 335Business AnalyticsS2, S3
IS 378IS Project ManagementS2
IS 480Internship in Information SystemsS2, S3
IS 490Independent Study in Information SystemsS2, S3
MGT 301Principles of Management and Organizational BehaviorS2, S3
MGT 367Human Resource ManagementS2
MGT 371Leadership & Managerial SkillsS2, S3
MGT 480International ManagementS3
MGT 483NegotiationS2
MGT 492Advanced Organizational BehaviorS2
MGT 494Seminar in ManagementS2
MGT 740Effective and Applied Human Resources ManagementS2
MIS 740Software ConceptsS2
MIS 746Information Systems Project ManagementS3
MIS 753Independent StudyS2, S3
MIS 755InternshipS2, S3
MIS 761Business Analytics Methods and ToolsS3
MIS 764Technology and Innovation ManagementSDY
MIS 766Data ManagementS2
MIS 771IS Audit and ControlSDY
MIS 780*ThesisS2, S3
Marketing & International Bus (BE)BUS 498Global Business StrategyS2, S3
IB 425Global Consumer Behavior and The Consumer ExperienceS3
IB 480International BusinessS3
IB 483International Business InternshipS3
MKT 301Marketing ManagementS2, S3
MKT 425Global Consumer Behavior and The Consumer ExperienceS3
MKT 435Marketing to Hispanics, in the US and GloballyS3
MKT 472Marketing Planning and AnalysisS2
MKT 483Marketing InternshipS3
MKT 490Independent Study in MarketingS3
MKT 492Advanced Seminar in MarketingS2
MKT 720International Marketing ResearchS3
MKT 737New Service and Product DevelopmentS2
SCM 352Operations ManagementS2
Mathematical Sciences (SM)MAT 680College GeometrySDY
MAT 690Independent StudyS2
MAT 789Topics in Advanced MathematicsS3
MAT 790Independent StudyS2
MAT 791ThesisS2
MAT 793Teaching Concentration Professional Paper ResearchS2
MAT 799DissertationS2
MATH 120Fundamentals of College MathematicsS2, S3, SDY
MATH 121Mathematical Topics and Applications Provided in a Real World ContextS1
MATH 122Number Concepts for Elementary School TeachersS2
MATH 123Statistical and Geometrical Concepts for Elementary School TeachersS3
MATH 124College AlgebraS1, S2, S3, SDY
MATH 126Precalculus IS1, S2, S3, SDY
MATH 127Precalculus IIS1, S2, S3, SDY
MATH 132Finite MathematicsS1, S2, S3
MATH 181Calculus IS2, S3, SDY
MATH 182Calculus IIS2, S3, SDY
MATH 251Discrete Mathematics IS3, SDY
MATH 283Calculus IIIS2, S3, SDY
MATH 330Linear AlgebraS2, S3
MATH 365Computational Linear AlgebraS2, S3
MATH 431Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists IS2, S3
MATH 432Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists IIS2, S3
MATH 480College GeometrySDY
MATH 499Independent StudyS2
STA 663Applied Statistics for EngineersS2, S3
STA 690Independent StudyS2
STA 691Statistics for Scientists IS2
STA 790Independent StudyS2, S3
STA 791ThesisS2
STA 799DissertationS2
STAT 152Introduction to StatisticsS2
STAT 391Applied Statistics for Biological SciencesS2, S3, SDY
STAT 411Statistical Methods IS2, S3
STAT 463Applied Statistics for EngineersS2, S3
STAT 488Senior Research Project in StatisticsS2
STAT 491Statistics for Scientists IS2
STAT 499Independent StudyS2
MBA (BE)MBA 741InternshipSRG, S3
MBA 751Independent StudyS2, S3
Mechanical Engineering (EG)ME 130Machine Shop PracticesS2
ME 2403D Modeling with SolidworksS2
ME 242DynamicsSDY
ME 301Structure and Properties of SolidsS2
ME 302Materials MechanicsS3
ME 302LMechanical Testing LabS3
ME 311Engineering Thermodynamics IS3
ME 314Introduction to Heat TransferS3
ME 315Thermal Engineering LaboratoryS2, S3
ME 319Introduction to Programming for Mechanical EngineersS3
ME 330Analysis of Dynamic SystemsS2
ME 337Engineering MeasurementsSRG
ME 380LFluid Dynamics LaboratoryS2
ME 402Computational Methods for EngineersS3
ME 421Automatic ControlsS2
ME 423LInstrumentation and Control LaboratoryS2, S3
ME 491Independent StudyS2, S3
ME 756Monte Carlo Methods in Nuclear EngineeringSRG
ME 791Independent Study in Mechanical EngineeringS2, S3
ME 796Design Project in Mechanical EngineeringS3
ME 797Thesis in Mechanical EngineeringS2, S3
ME 799DissertationS2, S3
Military Science (EG)MIL 250Cadet Initial Entry CourseSRG
MIL 350Cadet Leadership CourseSRG
Music (FP)MUS 101Music FundamentalsS1, S2, S3
MUS 102Beginning Music TheoryS3
MUS 121Music AppreciationS2
MUS 125History of Rock MusicS1, S2, S3
MUS 134*Jazz AppreciationSRG
MUS 139*Intro to Music TechnologyS2
MUS 213Composition WorkshopSDY
MUS 495Independent StudySRG, S2, S3
MUS 642Orff Shulwerk Level IS3
MUS 643Orff Shulwerk Level IIS3
MUS 644Orff Shulwerk Level IIIS3
MUS 680ThesisSRG
MUS 697Music Culminating ExperienceSRG
MUS 698Recital-Masters LevelS2, S3
MUS 699A*History/LiteratureSRG, S2, S3
MUS 699B*Theory/CompositionSRG, S2, S3
MUS 699C*Music EducationSRG, S2, S3
MUS 699DPedagogy and LiteratureS3
MUS 770Seminar: Special TopicsS2
MUS 777Doctoral Seminars in PercussionSRG
MUS 780*DocumentSRG
MUS 781Lecture-RecitalS1
MUS 798BRecital-Doctoral LevelS2, S3
MUS 799AIndep St-Hist LitSRG, S2, S3
MUS 799BIndep St-Thry CompSRG, S2, S3
MUS 799CIndep St-Mus EducSRG, S2, S3
MUS 799DIndep St-Pedagogy & LiteratureSRG, S2, S3
MUSA 115Guitar - Lower DivisionSRG
MUSA 128Percussion IISRG
MUSA 158Guitar for Non-MajorsSRG
MUSA 159Harp for Non-MajorsSRG
MUSA 164Percussion for Non-MajorsSRG
MUSA 166Saxophone for Non-MajorsSRG
MUSA 216Guitar IVSRG
MUSA 227Percussion IIISRG
MUSA 300Piano for Music EducatorsSRG
MUSA 327Percussion-Upper DivisionSRG
MUSA 451Private CompositionSRG, SDY
MUSA 456Private form and AnalysisSRG
MUSA 458Private Conducting: InstrumentalSRG
MUSA 660AAMaster's Applied Study for Non-majors: Wind ConductingSRG
MUSA 660SMaster's Applied Study for Non-majors: PercussionSRG
MUSA 660VMaster's Applied Study for Non-majors: Private Theory JazzSRG
MUSA 660YMaster's Applied Study for Non-majors: Orchestra ConductingSRG
MUSA 661Applied Music for Master's StudentsSRG
MUSA 661AAApplied Music for Master's Students: Wind ConductingSRG
MUSA 661SApplied Music for Master's Students: PercussionS2
MUSA 661VApplied Music for Master's Students: Private Theory: JazzS2, S3
MUSA 661WApplied Music for Master's Students: Private Theory and Composition: ClassicalSDY
MUSA 760AAApplied Music for doctoral students: Wind ConductingSRG
MUSA 760SApplied Music for doctoral students: PercussionSRG
MUSA 760YApplied Music for doctoral students: Orchestra ConductingSRG
MUSA 764Applied Music for Doctoral StudentsSRG
MUSA 764AAApplied Music for doctoral students: Wind ConductingSRG
MUSA 764SApplied Music for doctoral students: PercussionSRG
MUSA 764YApplied Music for doctoral students: Orchestra ConductingSRG
MUSA 766Pvt Gr ConductingSRG
Philosophy (LA)PHIL 101Introduction to PhilosophyS2, S3
PHIL 102Critical Thinking and ReasoningS2, S3
PHIL 114Introduction to Symbolic LogicS2, S3
PHIL 124Philosophical Traditions of AsiaS2, S3
PHIL 130Topics in Philosophy Or ReligionS2, S3
PHIL 135Introduction to EthicsS2, S3
PHIL 242Ethics for Engineers and ScientistsS2, S3
PHIL 422Advanced LogicS2
PHIL 499Directed StudyS3
Physical Therapy (AHS)DPT 726Professional Development IS2
DPT 727Evidence-Based Practice in Physical TherapyS3
DPT 740Movement ScienceS1
DPT 744Gross Anatomy IS2
DPT 744LGross Human Anatomy Lab IS2
DPT 745Gross Anatomy IIS3
DPT 745LGross Human Anatomy Lab IIS3
DPT 752ModalitiesS1
DPT 752LModalities LabS1
DPT 761Supervised Clinical Education IS2
DPT 762Supervised Clinical Education IIS3
DPT 772Physical Therapy AdministrationSDY
DPT 789Musculoskeletal IVSDY
DPT 795Independent StudyS2, S3
Physics & Astronomy (SM)AST 103Introductory Astronomy: the Solar SystemS2
AST 105Introductory Astronomy LaboratoryS2
PHYS 151AGeneral Physics IS2
PHYS 151LGeneral Physics I LabS2
PHYS 152AGeneral Physics IIS3
PHYS 152LGeneral Physics II LabS3
PHYS 180Physics for Scientists and Engineers IS2
PHYS 180LPhysics for Scientists and Engineers Lab IS2
PHYS 181Physics for Scientists and Engineers IIS3
PHYS 181LPhysics for Scientists and Engineers Lab IIS3
PHYS 182Physics for Scientists and Engineers IIIS3
PHYS 182LPhysics for Scientists and Engineers Lab IIIS3
PHYS 491Independent StudyS2, S3
PHYS 777Advanced Special ProblemsS2, S3
PHYS 797ThesisS2, S3
PHYS 799Doctoral DissertationS2, S3
Political Science (LA)PSC 100Nevada ConstitutionS1
PSC 101Introduction to American PoliticsS2, S3
PSC 200Survey of Political TheoryS3
PSC 211Introduction to Comparative PoliticsS2
PSC 231Introduction to International RelationsS3
PSC 302Research Methods in Political ScienceS2
PSC 332Judicial ProcessS2
PSC 403CEnvironmental PolicyS3
PSC 403NPublic Policy Around the WorldS2
PSC 405QGlobal EcopoliticsS3
PSC 407QPolitical Violence and TerrorismS2
PSC 409JFeminist Political TheoryS3
PSC 480AIndependent Study and Research in Political ScienceSRG
PSC 490AInternship: AdministrativeSRG
PSC 490BInternship: LegislativeSRG
PSC 490CInternship: CampaignSRG
PSC 490DInternship: LegalSRG
PSC 490EInternship: Political News BroadcastSRG
PSC 790SP Topics: Studies in Political ScienceSRG
PSC 791M.A. Independent Study in Political ScienceSRG
PSC 792Ph.D. Independent Study in Political ScienceSRG
PSC 795Directed Readings in Political ScienceSRG
PSC 799DissertationSRG
Psychiatry & Behavioral Health (MED)CFT 150Personal GrowthS1, S3
CFT 225Multicultural Issues and FamiliesS2, S3
CFT 350Human SexualityS2
CFT 360Contemporary Marriage and FamiliesS3
CFT 370Successful Couple and Marital RelationshipsS2
CFT 499Individual StudyS2
Psychology (LA)PSY 101General PsychologyS2, S3
PSY 200Introduction to the Psychology MajorS2
PSY 210Introduction to Statistical MethodsS2, S3
PSY 240Research MethodsS2, S3
PSY 305Foundations of PerceptionS2, S3
PSY 308History of PsychologyS2
PSY 316Foundations of Cognitive PsychologyS2, S3
PSY 330Foundations of Developmental Psychology: Infant and ChildS2
PSY 334Foundations of Developmental Psychology: Adolescence and AdulthoodS2
PSY 341Foundations of Abnormal PsychologyS2, S3
PSY 342Forensic PsychologyS2, S3
PSY 350Introduction to Industrial and Organizational PsychologyS3
PSY 360Foundations of Social PsychologyS2, S3
PSY 412Motivation and EmotionS2
PSY 420Psychology of LearningS2
PSY 431Multicultural PsychologyS2
PSY 435PersonalityS2
PSY 438Childhood Behavior DisordersS2, S3
PSY 439Field Experience in the Teaching of PsychologyS2, S3
PSY 442Psychology of AgingS2
PSY 466Dimensions of Human SexualityS2
PSY 490Capstone in PsychologyS3
PSY 496Advanced Independent StudyS2, S3
PSY 497Supervised Field ExperienceSRG, S2, S3
PSY 498Advanced Independent ResearchS2, S3
PSY 755Ethics and Professional IssuesSDY
PSY 762Introduction to Clinical SupervisionSRG
PSY 766Independent StudyS2, S3
PSY 767PracticumSRG
PSY 768Independent ResearchS2, S3
PSY 769ThesisS2, S3
PSY 770DissertationS2, S3
PSY 771Professional InternshipSRG, S2, S3
PSY 773Qualifying ActivitySRG
Public Health (PH)EAB 705Epidemiology and Public HealthS2
EAB 755Cancer EpidemiologyS3
EAB 794Professional Paper in Epidemiology and BiostatisticsS2
EAB 796Independent Study in Epidemiology and BiostatisticsS2
EAB 798Thesis Research in Epidemiology and BiostatisticsS2
PBH 165Personal Health Across the LifespanS1, S2, S3
PBH 200Multicultural HealthS2
PBH 202Introduction to EpidemiologyS2
PBH 205Introduction to Public HealthS2, S3
PBH 360Research Methods for Public HealthS2
PBH 424Teaching Elementary School HealthS2, S3
PBH 429Education for SexualityS2, S3
PBH 435Health Studies on Dangerous DrugsS2, S3
PBH 460Health Ecology and SustainabilityS3
PBH 497Independent Study in Public HealthSRG, S2
Public Policy & Leadership (UA)ENV 101Introduction to Environmental ScienceS1, S2
PAF 705Intellectual and Historical Foundations in Public AffairsSDY
PAF 795Directed Readings in Public AffairsSRG
PAF 797Independent Research in Public AffairsSRG
PAF 799Dissertation Research in Public AffairsSRG
PPY 733Building a Persuasive ArgumentSDY
PUA 610Grant Writing for Public and Nonprofit ManagersS2
PUA 611Policy Advocacy and LobbyingSDY
PUA 612Performance Measurement for Public and Nonprofit OrganizationsSDY
PUA 613Leadership and Ethics for Public and Nonprofit ManagersSDY
PUA 627Data Visualization for Urban StudiesS2
PUA 701Governance and the Urban CommunityS2
PUA 703Seminar in Organization TheoryS2
PUA 705Public Goods and Public FinanceSRG
PUA 707Law and Public PolicyS3
PUA 708Organizations and Organizational BehaviorS2
PUA 723Research and Analytical MethodsS2
PUA 729MPA Capstone ExperienceSRG
PUA 774Community Outreach and VolunteerismS3
PUA 790Internship Program in Public AdministrationSRG
PUA 798Research in Public AdministrationSRG
URST 241Governance in the United States: An Urban FocusS3
URST 405Diversity in Urban AmericaS2
URST 423Ethics in Urban StudiesS3
URST 427Data Visualization for Urban StudiesS2
URST 493Independent Study in Urban IssuesSRG
URST 496Special Topics in Urban StudiesS3
Social Work (UA)SW 101Introduction to Social WorkS2, S3
SW 104Perspectives in AgingS1
SW 315Human Behavior and Social Environ IS2
SW 402The Effects of War On Individuals & CommS2
SW 471Advanced Seminar: Special ProblemsS3
SW 475Treatment of AddictionsS1
SW 499Independent StudyS2
SW 602The Effects of War On Indiv CommunitiesS2
SW 671Advanced Seminar: Special ProblemsS1, S2, S3
SW 674Grant Writing and ManagementS2
SW 675Treatment of AddictionsS1
SW 705Swk Practice with Therapeutic GroupsS2
SW 707Contemporary Issues in DiversityS2, S3
SW 734Advanced Standing Practice SeminarSDY
SW 736Advanced Standing Integrative SeminarSDY
SW 747Dsm: Assessment and DiagnosisS3
SW 768Supervision in Social WorkS2
SW 776Legal and Ethical Issues in Social WorkS2
SW 785Special Topics in Advanced PolicyS2, S3
SW 795Capstone SeminarSRG
SW 799Independent StudyS2
Sociology (LA)SOC 101Principles of SociologyS2, S3
SOC 102Contemporary Social IssuesS2
SOC 390Internship in SociologyS2, S3
SOC 397Independent StudyS2, S3
SOC 403Techniques of Social ResearchS2
SOC 404Statistical Methods in the Social SciencesS3
SOC 421Classical Social TheoryS2
SOC 429Globalization: Economic, Political, and Cultural PerspectivesS2
SOC 447Marriage and the FamilyS2, S3
SOC 459Social Dilemmas of Climate ChangeS3
SOC 466Sociology of MedicineS3
SOC 471Race and Ethnic Relations in AmericaS2
SOC 474Sociology of ReligionS2
SOC 790Sociological InternshipS2, S3
SOC 794Professional PaperS2, S3
SOC 796Directed ReadingsS2, S3
SOC 797Independent StudyS2, S3
SOC 799DissertationS2, S3
Teaching & Learning (ED)CIE 533Teaching Elementary School MathematicsS3
CIE 543Teaching Elementary School ScienceS3
CIE 553Teaching Elementary School Social StudS2
CIE 621Integrated STEM Education Mathematics ContentS3
CIE 629Curriculum Development Elem Math EducSDY
CIE 630Topics in Elementary School ScienceS2
CIE 685Elementary Education CurriculumS2
CIG 600Topics in Teacher EducationS2
CIG 602Differentiated Curriculum & InstructionS2
CIG 603Urban EducationS2
CIG 649Social Studies Education SeminarS2
CIG 684Data Literacy for Teacher and Professional LeadersS2
CIG 685Peer Assistance and ReviewS2
CIG 689Curriculum and Instruction SeminarS2, S3
CIG 690Teachers as Action ResearchersS2, S3
CIG 697Curriculum & Instruction Culminating ExpSRG
CIG 698C & I Professional Paper/ProjectSRG
CIG 699Curriculum and Instruction ThesisSRG
CIG 782School ClimateS2
CIG 783*Theory & Research in School MathematicsS2
CIG 786Individual Instruction in EducationS2, S3
CIG 788Individual Instruction in Science EducationS2, S3
CIG 791*Internship in Curriculum and InstructionS2, S3
CIG 799*DissertationS2, S3
CIL 501Children's Literature Elem Sch CurriculS3
CIL 542Literacy Instruction IS1
CIL 543Literacy Instruction II-Clinic-BasedS3
CIL 604Literacy Instruction Young ChildrenS3
CIL 621Assessment in LiteracySDY
CIL 641Instruction English and Language ArtsS2
CIL 680Contemporary Lit Children & Young AdultS2
CIL 684Multicultural LiteratureS2
CIL 693Literary for a Diverse SocietyS2
CIS 604Secondary Classroom ManagementS2
CIS 629Curriculum Development Secondary Math EdSDY
CIS 630Topics Secondary School ScienceS2
CIS 634Instructional Secondary Science EducS2
CIS 684Secondary Education CurriculumS2
CIT 601Technology Applications Elementary CurriculumS2
CIT 602Technology Applications Secondary CurriculumS2
CIT 649Insructional Mthd Computer ApplicationsS2
CIT 651Instructional Methods Computer ScienceS2
CME 705Multicultural EducationS1, S2
EDEL 331Teaching Elementary School ArtS2
EDEL 495Elementary Education Topics:SDY
EDRL 401Children's Literature Elementary School CurriculumS2, S3
EDSC 413ATeaching Secondary Arts: ArtS2
EDSC 493Secondary Education Independent StudyS3
EDU 164Success in MathematicsS3
EDU 201Introduction to Elementary EducationSDY
EDU 214EPreparing Teachers to Use TechnologyS2, SDY
EDU 214SPreparing Teachers to Use TechnologyS2
EDU 280Valuing Cultural DiversityS2
EDW 135AAdult EducationSDY
EDW 575Performance-Based EducationS2
EDW 700Special Problems in Workforce EducationS3, SDY
EDW 741Advanced Training Program DevelopmentS2
EDW 749REvaluation of Workforce Education ProgramsS2
EDW 755Professional Seminar in Workforce EducationS3
EDW 765Fiscal Management and Administration of Workforce ProgramsS1
EDW 768Grantsmanship in EducationS3
EDW 775ThesisS3
EDWF 475Career Development and Work-Based Learning StrategiesS2
EDWF 498Independent Study in Workforce Education and DevelopmentS3, SDY
Theatre (FP)THTR 100Introduction to TheatreS3
THTR 105Introduction to Acting IS1
THTR 200Introduction to Design/TechnologyS3
THTR 201Costume Design IS3
THTR 204Theatre Technology IS3
THTR 424Gay PlaysS3
THTR 426Women PlaywrightsS2
THTR 444Acting: Voice-overS1
THTR 478InternshipSRG
THTR 495Supervised Individual StudySRG
THTR 793Special Topics in TheatreS3
THTR 795Supervised Individual StudySRG
THTR 796InternshipSRG
World Languages & Cultures (LA)CHI 321Chinese Culture and CivilizationS2
FREN 113Elementary French IS2
FREN 114Elementary French IIS2
FREN 213Intermediate French IS3
GER 113Elementary German IS2
GER 114Elementary German IIS3
ITAL 113Elementary Italian IS2
ITAL 114Elementary Italian IIS3
JPN 113Elementary Japanese IS3
JPN 114Elementary Japanese IIS3
LAT 113Elementary Latin IS3
SPAN 113Elementary Spanish IS2, S3
SPAN 114Elementary Spanish IIS2, S3
SPAN 213Intermediate Spanish IS3
WLC 198Reading Proficiency in a Foreign Language for Graduate StudentsS2

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